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Getting back to the Sports Club

After the disaster of December at work (happens each year), which is going into work in the dark and coming home in the dark. I have recently started going back to the Sports club. The end of the third week and feeling a lot better, since moving up in resistances on most of the machines. Tired but feeling a lot better and starting to slowly lose the beer belly. Hoping for another few weeks that I can get back to the routine I had before December.

Lost More Weight!

I I've lost 2.1 pounds in the last week! Yea! I still need to work on improving my metabolism rate and resisting all of the holiday sweets.

Getting Closer to My Goal

I've lost four pounds since September. I thought I would have gained some instead since I've laxed on exercise. I have been walking to and from bus stops instead of driving. I need to stop consuming so much sugar and non-whole-wheat grains. I have been eating more vitamin rich carb veggies. Instead of eating candy or other sugary foods, I've been trying to eat fruit. When I do eat something sugary, I set a limit and only eat a tiny bit to fill my craving. I also recently went on a cleanse, which I think helped a bit.

My chest congestion is gone though, so I can start being more active. I need to stop sitting on the couch; even sitting on one of those exercise balls instead would be something if I'm bounce the whole time I'm on it. That way I can be productive with homework and exercise at the same time when I'm at home, or I can be on it while I work on craft projects. I need to start going back to the gym, but I don't have a motivating partner right now. I've been at school and work until late, and it's been very hard to get up early in the mornings like I would prefer. Having to depend on the bus has really been limiting my time.

Noticeable Success!

I went Christmas/birthday clothes shopping with my mom (because for those events I really just wanted a wardrobe overhaul as gifts) this last weekend. She and I picked out large clothes for me to try on, since I am accustomed to wearing that size. When I tried them all on, none of them fit; they all TOO BIG. We had to go down a size in everything. I know it's not the sizing of just one company either, since we went to multiple stores and tried on clothes from various companies. I really have lost a lot of body fat. I'm so proud of myself. ^_^ This means I'm getting even closer to my target fitness. (It also helps that during the weekend, I bought a little exercise ball for $0.10!)

Thighs Lunge Exercise Routine

I got this from the FitFlop website. You don't need these shoes to do the exercises.

KNEE NOTE: If you’re a little weak in the knees, try lunging on a step, so your front foot is elevated. And don’t let your knee go further forward than your ankle when you’re in the bottom-most spot of the lunge, as it can add additional pressure to your kneecap.

Start on Sunday, with 25 lunges on each leg.

Recover on Monday with a brisk 2 mile walk.

On Tuesday, do four sets of 15 lunges on each leg.

Rest Wednesday with a brisk 3 mile walk and three sets of ten push ups (against a wall, on your knees, and then full)

On Thursday, do four sets of 20 lunges on each leg.

On Friday, climb 50 - 100 steps two at a time. Squeeze your glutes as you push off your front leg.

Saturday rest but avoid the sofa.


Trying to Stay Motivated

My weight is frustrating me, hovering between 135 and 140 pounds. I need to be eating carbohydrates more responsibly, consuming less of them and eating them when I'm most active. I think the meat I've been eating has been a bit too rich lately. I have been good with vegetables and fruits though. I need to pay closer attention to sugars, especially with Halloween coming up. I have practically cut out dairy, getting vitamin D and calcium from veggies and soy milk. I've also been taking a women's multivitamin twice a day.

I'm taking a swimming conditioning class twice a week. Belly dance class started on Tuesday, and with a performance in December, we're practicing twice a week. I'm also taking aerobic/toning classes at the recreation center on campus twice a week. Next month hiking season starts at the preserve, so I'm going to be hiking three to four hours on Saturdays.

I'm hoping all of these workouts and exercises will further help me in reaching my target weight. I still have about 10 pounds or so to go. I didn't reach my goal of weight by this last June as I had planned, which is ok, since I'm still working at it. More importantly, I'd like to loose a size or two and become stronger, which is where the real results are.