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Getting smaller

Two weeks ago I got to hang out with some friends that I haven't seen in a while. It felt great to get lots of compliments on how much weight I have lost.

I need to start wearing a belt again. I used to wear one when I was between sizes or when I my clothes got too big, but I just kept forgetting about it. I remembered this morning only to discover that it's two inches too big. I have to get out my hand dremel or some other sharp poky-bit and make some new holes.

I want to get back down to a 25 inch waist, but I'm not sure how practical that is. I'm doing a cleanse right now; maybe that will help. If anything, it should help me feel better.

Motivations is Great

So after about a month, I started going back to the gym. I was so proud of myself. I had been meaning to go but kept coming up with excuses. I was too tired, didn't have time or just forgot. I was just carrying around the extra weight of my gym stuff for a while but not actually using it. I'm going again today. I felt so great afterwards, and the gym wasn't to stifling hot yesterday. The weight room is the best to work out in during this summer heat, since it stays the coolest and seems to have more air circulation.

I have been keeping track of my weight every week though, so I've been good about that. I have also been trying to keep eating healthy, too. Friday, being a partying holiday, was bad. I was sick for three days from eating so much junk food. It was bad. Well made from scratch chocolate cake is evil. I knew better, but I kept eating it. The pain was not worth it. I will not do that again for a very long time; actually I think I learned my lesson. No thank you. :P

Day two - Trailer

Thought I'd post this so others could see what I'm talking about if you haven't heard of it yet.

Day 2..

This little monster actually brags about other Wii users in the house who signed up. It even reminded me to brush my teeth before I went to bed.

It says I lost 3 pounds, could be I keep choosing the wrong 'clothes heaviness' option. Told Jason he gained 5 :P HAH! But its encouraging to see the little graph drop down a point or so.

Unlocked more Yoga Positions and a couple more balance games, interestingly I found myself on it 50 minutes than 30.. thats with doing a few of the games more than once (addicting!). An advanced Hula Hoops.. wow, insanity.

Overall Its working, you can feel muscles you didn't even knew had names aching the next day.


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