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Getting smaller

Two weeks ago I got to hang out with some friends that I haven't seen in a while. It felt great to get lots of compliments on how much weight I have lost.

I need to start wearing a belt again. I used to wear one when I was between sizes or when I my clothes got too big, but I just kept forgetting about it. I remembered this morning only to discover that it's two inches too big. I have to get out my hand dremel or some other sharp poky-bit and make some new holes.

I want to get back down to a 25 inch waist, but I'm not sure how practical that is. I'm doing a cleanse right now; maybe that will help. If anything, it should help me feel better.

Fitness update

Weight holding at 151.

Parents are in town and they took me shopping today. I now fit into 31 inch waist pants. Unfortunately they really don't make that size. It is either a 32 or a 30. 30 is a little too tight and 32 a bit loose. So I got a couple of 32 inch pants and will wear a belt with them.

Last time I went shopping I wore 34 inch waist pants. So that is a loss of ~3 inches off my waist.

So being that I am within 1lb of my goal,I am setting a new goal. To shave off 2 inches off my waist to get down to a 29inch waist (I don't remember the last time I wore a 29 inch waist). I don't want to get much smaller than that in waist size, because I would rather not have to shop in the "young men" department to find my size slacks. :P

How is everyone else doing in their fitness?

Fitness update

Folks 151 isn't just a type of liquor any more, it is my current weight! Huzzah!

Start weight in February 179
current weight 8/8/08 151
Goal weight 150

total weight lost 28 lbs

weight to lose until goal? 1 lb!


Motivations is Great

So after about a month, I started going back to the gym. I was so proud of myself. I had been meaning to go but kept coming up with excuses. I was too tired, didn't have time or just forgot. I was just carrying around the extra weight of my gym stuff for a while but not actually using it. I'm going again today. I felt so great afterwards, and the gym wasn't to stifling hot yesterday. The weight room is the best to work out in during this summer heat, since it stays the coolest and seems to have more air circulation.

I have been keeping track of my weight every week though, so I've been good about that. I have also been trying to keep eating healthy, too. Friday, being a partying holiday, was bad. I was sick for three days from eating so much junk food. It was bad. Well made from scratch chocolate cake is evil. I knew better, but I kept eating it. The pain was not worth it. I will not do that again for a very long time; actually I think I learned my lesson. No thank you. :P

Fitness update

Starting weight in February 179
Current weight as of 7/8 153
Goal weight 150

weight to go 3lbs

GO ME!!!

3 more lbs. Man it has been tough, especially this last 7-8 lbs, but I can see the light and my goal is in reaching distance.

How is everyone else doing with their fitness routines? Haven't seen much activity here lately.

Heavy Hands

Does it pay to invest in "heavy hands" to use while I am out for my nightly walk, or will my body just adjust to the extra weight quickly and end up not burning off any extra calories.

Fitness Update

I started my dieting/exercise back in February. At that time I weighed 179lbs. My goal weight was 150lbs.

Currently, as of this morning, I weigh 155lbs.

Total weight loss 24lbs
weight to goal 5lbs.

I look back and cannot believe that I weighed that amount just 4.5 months ago.

I see pictures of me back then (or a bit earlier) and say to myself "wow I looked real bloated".

Now here it is, late June, I feel much better, I know I look better (strokes own ego), and my cardio is much better than it was then. I generally walk for 60-90 minutes a night after work, or in the morning on weekends (on the weekends I might even walk twice, once in the morning once at night). The distance I walk is at least 3.5 miles if not a bit more. I know that with my general "turnaround" point to my house is about 1.5 miles, but that is "as the crow flies:. I also weave up and down blocks which adds to that distance. I should get some sort of pedometer to measure how far I actually walk.

I tried for a bit to add some jogging in to my walk, but it was making my knees hurt *stupid bad knees*. I might try it again, as I just bought a new pair of sneakers, supposedly they are "running shoes", so lets see if they reduce the impact on my knees. (I actually wore out in the last 4 months my old sneakers from all the walking)


fitness question

Am I better off going for my evening walk/jog before dinner or 30 minutes after dinner?


O.K. so my weight seems to have plateaued at the 158-160 level. So I have increased the amount of time I walk each night (over an hour now), plus I am jogging home the last 3-4 blocks. My plan is go add a couple of blocks every other night or so to the jog at the end of the walk. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be jogging most of the length that I go, thus increasing my cardio workout and getting the weight off again.

Day two - Trailer

Thought I'd post this so others could see what I'm talking about if you haven't heard of it yet.

Day 2..

This little monster actually brags about other Wii users in the house who signed up. It even reminded me to brush my teeth before I went to bed.

It says I lost 3 pounds, could be I keep choosing the wrong 'clothes heaviness' option. Told Jason he gained 5 :P HAH! But its encouraging to see the little graph drop down a point or so.

Unlocked more Yoga Positions and a couple more balance games, interestingly I found myself on it 50 minutes than 30.. thats with doing a few of the games more than once (addicting!). An advanced Hula Hoops.. wow, insanity.

Overall Its working, you can feel muscles you didn't even knew had names aching the next day.