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Cam Fitness
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Fitness amongst Camarilla Members
Cam Fitness is a group for all members of the Camarilla who are interested in any aspect of fitness - exercise, healthy eating, etc. Whether a seasoned exercise guru or a beginner with a long way to go, we're here to help, encourage, keep you accountable and give you ideas.


All Cam Members may join. By requesting membership, you accept that you will follow the following rules:

Be Honest
Be Nice

Be open about your opinions, but do it in a nice way. Be honest about where you are, your progress and your goals - if you're lying to us, you're probably lying to yourself, which is no way to make a change. Weight especially can be an emotional thing, so we're here to support each other in our goals. Stick to the above guidelines!


The purpose of this group is to discuss fitness, in all it's forms. That leaves content very open to interpretation. Mods will encourage conversations to remain on topic. It is perfectly appropriate to forward links from articles, share information on fitness topics and highly encouraged that you include your personal goals and regular updates on those goals (whether that be to change everything or just maintain). Nutrition and pretty much anything that can be classified as Fitness are encouraged!

Welcome to Cam Fitness! Let's get fit and help each other stay that way!

Jenn and Greg