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A Little about me.

All through my early life I was an extremely athletic and fit kid.  I had a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, played Soccer, Hockey, and wrestled for my school.  In 2000 I joined the army at 132 pounds.  When I left basic I weighed 155.  I spent four years in the active duty Army and when I left I weighed a solid 175.  I stopped doing all the PT and basically became a lazy slub, but I kept the appetite.  Now in 2008 8 I am a disgusting 223, five foot five inches tall, a smoker and fat.

I have a baby and want to to live long enough to have Grandchildren when she is at a respectable age, I want to see my Grandchildren go off to college.  I want to healthy again, but somewhere down the line my motivation and self discipline turned to crap.  I need help, and a cimmunity of my peers is a step in the right direction.

Help me get my sexy back.

Phil Armstrong

Backstory - Trish

Where I've been...

As far as genetics go, I drew the short straw. All of the recessive traits in my family are tied to being short and heavy. I got them in spades.

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{Backstory} Gregory

Where I'm Coming From...

As a kid growing up I was thin and unthinking of the future. When I graduated High School, I was a size 30' waist. I went off to college, became sedentary & via undiagnosed S.A.D. discovered the loving joys of comfort food. After a break down halfway through my last year in Hartford I came home to live my folks and take a breather.

During my breather, I tried on pants that I hadn't tried on since HS graduation. I had gone from a size 30' waist to an exceedingly tight 36' (that when I stopped and thought about it, it was heading to a 38' quite rapidly.).

Turning Point {Nutrition}

I started Google-ing various weight loss plans and programs. In doing this research, I also took into account my own personality and traits. I finally came down to South Beach and Weight Watchers. The tier program of the former was something that, in knowing myself; I would never have the patience for. The later drew up images of hand-holding circles with regular tear jerkers.

But between the Cher ads, some further poking around I decided to give Weight Watchers a shot since there was a special where you could go to a meeting for free and see what you thought. I joined that same day.

The reason why was that Weight Watchers supports a healthy life-style, not a quick (and all too momentary) fix. The truth behind the program is that it teaches you how to eat and still live a regular life.

With Weight Watchers I went from that very tight 36' (ok, 38') waist size down to a loose 32'. This did not come over-night; nor was it not without setbacks. But what I found to help me was the support of other members who were going through the same thing, and who shared things that they had learned along their own journey.

Although, it bears mentioning that it took a few shots at finding the right meeting time that worked with my schedule, had a meeting leader who inspired me, and attendees who I felt connected to.

The biggest thing I've learned thus far is that patience is essential to success.

Going to the Next Level {Fitness}

This June/July I'm going on my first cruise; and I decided that I wanted to feel good lounging on a beach and not be self conscious of my body. I won't lie, I wanted to look and feel good in my skin; not just my clothes.

But I loathed gyms. They smell like feet and in my experience just feel gross and dirty. Maybe these are just excuses; maybe I was too young to appreciate a gym before now. But having joined Equinox, I've found a different stride.

In a setting that is spa-like and un-gym-like; I'm rediscovering what it's like to be a kid again. Taking Yoga & basic weight training I am seeing results, and dare I say, I love it? Seriously. I'm bypassing the "my body is cranky!" and I'm hitting the "oh god, that feels soo good!" phase.

Regardless, I tend to think i may be rambling due to tiredness. Further, you lot are more than ready for me to just shut up. So I leave this to you:

Live the Lifestyle you want to Live.



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